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Hi, I'm Liza.

A little bit of background info, in case you're curious...

While living in a small Victorian coastal town, hubby working

crazy long hours, completing a house renovation (that NEVER

ENDED) and studying full time Naturopathy and Kinesiology in

the moments when my children slept, I knew that this was neither

sustainable nor the life I dreamt of for myself. So, with throwing

caution to the wind, we finished/sold our house, purchased a block of

land in Mullum, bought a van that we kitted out and

designed the home of our dreams. LIFE IS GOOD!!To think that we have all the answers is naive, although I have trust in the belief that when we follow our life’s path with enjoyment and a heart full of love, life is calmer and we can easily navigate around the potholes life often tries to position in our way. I am here to help my clients navigate back to the life they wish to be living, although for whatever reason have detoured along the way. I look forward to sharing my work with you. 

I'm a Neuro-energetic Kinesiologist, based in the Northern Rivers town of Mullumbimby. As a mother of four, I am incredibly passionate about children's emotional health and wellbeing.



If you can imagine your subconscious mind as an innate intelligence that stores all of the experiences we have ever had, thoughts we have ever pondered over and feeling we've ever felt. It holds information of our genetics, moral values, beliefs, physical vitality and spirituality. Our muscles of our body are wired up to our central nervous system, along with our twelve meridians and are associated with corresponding organs.  


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our memories and emotions are stored within our organs. For example, the Heart and Small Intestine is associated with Joy, but also Hate, Cruelty and Impatience. The Spleen, Pancreas and Stomach are associated with Worry, Anxiety and Mistrust. Through testing different muscles, the Kinesiologist can access information regarding blockages in your energy systems and draw these to your awareness.  

When the exact location of the blockages is found, the Kinesiologist can find the root cause of the issue by asking the subconscious a series of questions including the emotions involved, the age, the behaviours and patterns relevant to the issue at hand.  


As the conscious mind is not involved here, you do not need to be able to remember the specifics, although as they are bought to your attention, this may trigger a memory. From this point, we can begin to unravel and replace our limiting beliefs or blockages with a neural network that better serves you, or with a number or corrections including holding neuro-lymphatic points, neurovascular points, neuro-emotional points, acupressure tonification or sedation points, chakra corrections and sound healing. 

The Work
The Space

What kinesiology may assist in:


Anxiety, Stress (Short term/Long Term), Trauma, PTSD, Mood Disorders, Grief and Fears. 


Self-sabotage patterns and limiting belief systems 


Confidence and Self Esteem Issues


Learning, Memory and Confusion

Autoimmune and Immune system problems 


Addictions (Including Psychology of Addictions) and Withdrawals


Consciousness and DMT


Vaccine Toxicity and General Toxicity


Career and relationship issues 


Eating disorders (Under and Over eating)


Headaches and Migraines  


Food Sensitivities, Allergies and Gut Issues


Bacteria, Parasite, Virus and Fungus infections


Chronic and Acute Pain 


Structural issues of the Head and Neck, Shoulder, Elbow and Hand, Thorax, Hip, Knee and Foot, Fascia, Cartilage and Smooth Muscle.


Hormonal Imbalances 


Insomnia and Jetlag


Pathologies of the Respiratory, Heamolymphoid, Circulatory and Immune systems.


Coronavirus stress


EMF stress



In its heart of hearts, Kinesiology is a beautiful way of letting go of what's holding us back. It helps us get to know ourselves on a deeply personal level, heal and thrive in our existence.  

In our sessions together, I will provide you with a person-centred approach, while supporting you with compassion, empathy and nurturance with whatsoever may arise. 


I will assist you in locating, processing and releasing experiences of the past, behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you and open you up to new ways of being. 

We will not only be clearing what lies in the subconscious, but work to create new pathways that will ultimately open you up to endless possibilities.  

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G E T  I N  T O U C H

Thanks for reaching out!

I'll be in touch soon. 

0499 588 971   |

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